Where Oh Where

Visited Carpenters Cemetery today to try and locate a headstone of a recently departed family member. I walked through and around the cemetery about four times. I wasn’t able to locate her or a place where I thought she could be. On a good note though I found two unphotographed…

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Gone but not Forgotten

Since it was a slightly overcast day yesterday I thought I’d revisit my church to finish up. Before I left I printed off a list of those that needed a headstone photo. I captured over 20 photos and I’m still missing about 5. Those missing are either newly buried or…

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Cemetery Updates

Find A Grave iPhone App Screenshot

Since I had some spare time and by myself, I decided to visit my home church to update some missing headstones. First time using Find a Grave’s new iPhone app but I quickly discovered that without cell service, it’s pointless. I also discovered that just because the app states there…

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