Help!! I need YOUR help!
Monday, March 10, 2014 12:35 AM

Please help me identify these photos. Follow the directions below on how to edit and view them.

Click this link to open it in a new window: Who Am I

You should find "tabs" listing out different types of quick links. Facts and events, Families, Sources, Notes, Media, Album, Interactive tree and Google Maps™.

Click on the Media tab.

This will open up all the photos that are of unknown persons or places. Right click on a photo and select Open in a new Window.

This will open the photo in a new window allowing you to view the photo larger and allow you to also edit or still use the media window.

If you know what the photo is of or who is in the photo, please let me know by editing the photos information. To do this just go back to the listed photo of the Who Am I "person". In the box in front of each photo you should see what looks like a pen. Click the pen.

In this window you should now see several areas to write info in each fillable box. At the bottom you should see three different options above the save button. We will be clicking on the New Note and using it for the photos. Select New Note and fill in what you know about the photo. Select save when finished.

That's it!

Don't get overwhelmed because once you do a couple it's very easy.

Photos & Negatives
Monday, March 10, 2014 12:34 AM

If you have photos that you would like to upload or give for the family tree please read on:
You can either scan the photos yourself OR take them to a photo center OR send them to me to have them scanned. I'll discuss all options one at a time.

Scanning yourself
If you choose this option you will need to make sure that you will be scanning the photos at 600 dpi. This will insure that the photos will be able to be enlarged to a much greater size. This also allows the photos to be professionally printed, for example in a book. You will need to follow your scanner settings in order to scan your photos at this setting. You will NOT be able to scan negatives UNLESS your scanner is built as such.

Photo Centers
If you choose this option then you will need to explain to them that you would like to have them placed on a cd after scanning. Wal-Mart can usually scan your photos and have them placed on a cd for about $2.00. A cd can hold several photos so don't be surprised to be handed a single cd for exchange of a 100 photos. This is all done in house.

Most places like Wal-Mart, Walgreens and others do not have the capability to scan negatives. Negatives require a back light instead of a regular front light (copy machine). In most cases you will have to send the negatives to a professional company OR to a actually photography store to have them scanned. This will cost you more money, usually a lot more. This is also usually done out of house and mailed off taking more time.

Sending them to me
You can always send your photos to me. I have a scanner with the ability to scan nearly any sized negative. I would also create a cd with the scanned photos and negatives to give back to you. On the cd I will place both the original scanned image along with a color correct "fixed" image. The fixed image will look like the image was suppose to look when it was taken. Fade will be removed along with scratches, etc.


The bad thing about any of these options is that someone else will be touching your prized possessions. In most cases they understand that the photos ARE important to you and contain many memories. But they can't be held responsible for any damage that might occur. Scanning the photos AND negatives do NOT harm them in anyway. In fact you are creating a digital replica to be stored for future generations.

These digitally scanned not fade.

They normally last about 5 years on cd's, I've had some last longer but as a precaution, it's aways better to have multiple backups. There are multiple online services that for a small fee will store your digital files giving online access to the at anytime anywhere the internet is available.

None of the above except for me, will correct the photos, so in essence you are getting a normally very expensive service for free!

Here is an example of two photos that I recently have done. The Before and After.





If you want more information or you have questions about any of the above, please contact me via email. Just click here and send me an email.

Thank You
-David Best

Phil Everly
Birth: January 19, 1939 30 19 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States
Death: January 3, 2014Burbank, California, United States
The Everly Brothers
Isaac Donald Everly
Birth: February 1, 1937 28 17 Brownie, Muhlenberg, Kentucky, United States
Death: August 21, 2021Nashville, Tennessee, United States
The Everly Brothers
Pres James Madison
Birth: March 16, 1751Port Conway, King George County, Virginia, United States
Death: June 28, 1836Orange, Virginia, United States
President George Washington
Birth: February 22, 1732 38 Colonial Beach, Westmoreland County, Virginia, United States
Death: December 14, 1799Mount Vernon, Fairfax County, Virginia, United States
Sue Kerr Hicks
Birth: December 12, 1895 52 45 Madisonville, Monroe, Tennessee, United States
Death: June 17, 1980Sweetwater, Monroe, Tennessee, United States
Daniel Boone
Birth: October 22, 1734 37 34 Exeter Village, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States
Death: September 26, 1820Femme Osage, Saint Charles, Missouri, United States