2020, A Year In Review

Here is my disclaimer and the reason why I state it later: I’m not a doctor and I don’t work for the government. What I’m about to tell you is what happened from my point of view.


The Orroral Valley Fire viewed from Tuggeranong on the evening of 28 January

In early January we began the year like any other year. Donald Trump was our president and everything seemed to be going great as far as the economy was concerned. A brushfire was still burning from 2019 and would continue to burn until May of 2020. Later we would find out that it was caused by lightning, an accident (cigarette butt), and possible arson. This fire would bring millions of animals to their death as well as almost 500 people. It would also burn approximately 46,050,750 acres! Yes, kids, that’s 46 million and it’s roughly the size of Washington state.


On January 14th, Windows decided to end support for Windows 7 forcing 25% of its desktop users to find another solution. This wasn’t as bad as when they decided to end support for Windows XP in 2009 which forced over 58% of their users to spend more money.


They tried to impeach Trump to which took about a month, only to find out everyone lied and wasted millions of taxpayer’s money to go thru the trials.

Then on January 30th, it all began with a tiny little “bug”, called COVID-19. The world went into full panic mode and shut everything down. By February the stock markets crashed due to the world not working this continued to get worse and to go into March. We were now in a declared pandemic. For some strange reason, people were hoarding toilet paper. Stores quickly sold out of everything literally overnight. Depending on where you lived in the US and who ran your state (political party), depended on how tight your restrictions were. Democrats tightened things up so much that they began to fine people $100-$1000 if they had too many people in a gathering, didn’t wear masks, etc. Republican ran states were less restrictive and allowed the people to make their own choices under the guidelines. The funny thing about all of it is that the Democrats were constantly breaking their own rules to do whatever they felt they needed to do. Like getting their hair done, visiting with family for parties, or even violating their own mask mandate “off-camera”. Trump is blamed for just about everything related to COVID even though he was just as stumped as the rest of the world. He did what they wanted and yet others said he didn’t do enough. The CDC goes back and forth with their recommendations and causes great confusion and sometimes anger with others. Also during this time, many prisons began releasing their prisoners due to COVID. It still puzzles me to understand that.


By April

Social media sites began removing censoring their users for posting information about COVID or basically anything they deemed false. These “fact-checkers” are what prompt me to state my disclaimer. Trump had always stated the fact that the media is no longer unbiased and carries an agenda. This will become more and more evident as the year moves along.



Late May

Things had begun to take a turn for the worse due to racial tension that really seemed to be driven by immature people and the frustration of COVID. Some “bad” cop had turned on some “bad” person and it just happened that the cop was white while the other was black. My personal opinion on the matter is just personal but, the man the cop had arrested was doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing, the cop was doing his job. What went from a simple arrest grew into a resisting arrest to it all being filmed. The media had a hay day with it and blew the entire thing up. This of course led to rioting to apparently prove the point that we deserve better treatment and that ALL cops are bad and to simply get rid of them all. Political parties are now against each other not because of financial, but because of race and morals.


Presidential Election

We are now getting closer to our presidential election. Joe Biden is put up for the democratic nominee and Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. Many democratic states are still at this time in full lockdown due to COVID, remember most are able to go out. These states decide to open up mail-in voting as an option even though the USPS can’t handle the request to simply mail a single letter. Voting was to take place November 3rd and continues till November 7th breaking the law to do so. No one stops it and mysterious bags and crates begin coming in for these areas that are democratic ran. Trump will begin to fight against this even though the media has declared the winner to be Biden, a win by false voting.

(Later in January it will come out that thousands of fake ballots are found and in some states, more people voted than the states claimed they had alive. These unknown fake ballots were for Biden.)



By the end of December, a vaccine is released to health officials. The general public is still in a panic simply due to the fact they feel the vaccine is their only saving grace. Virtual holidays are all that most are allowed to do or feel they can do. Forced fear is a common thing now and if one doesn’t follow along, they are hated and shunned. 


In Summary

2020 has come and gone in a flash. Many people have passed from what the health officials claim as COVID-related deaths. In December the CDC released an article that talked about why we hadn’t heard anything about the flu. They stated it was because of social distancing and wearing a mask. Even though our government and others all claim we HAVEN’T been doing those things and even FORCING us like cattle to do so. By December 29th CNN claims that there were over 80 million confirmed cases of COVID-19. No one is reporting the flu deaths because if you pass during this time, they mark it as COVID-related. This was even posted on a news site that a man that was in quarantine due to testing positive for COVID was out doing house choirs. He fell from his ladder and died. The doctor marked his death certificate as a COVID death. This type of activity is what makes many people question the truth of what is going on.

In the end, 2020 was about fear-mongering. Making things larger than what they are to push an agenda. Whether this was through race, gender, media, illness, or death, the fear was pushed. Don’t get me wrong, I do feel as if racial differences are still out there but just because I’m a certain color doesn’t make me racist or privileged. I have what I have because of God and working for it. Don’t like what you’ve got, change it, not others. I can’t change my skin color and neither can you. I should not have to apologize for something that was done years and years ago when I had nothing to do with it. Case in point: Slavery was a big deal at one point in time. What happened back then is what they thought they needed to do. No matter how horrible it was, it was what they thought was right. Times changed and people saw the error in their ways. Slaves were not just people of color. They ranged from skin color, ethnicity, and even gender choices. In other words, it happened to more than one set race. Is it wrong to force people out of a particular area just to build or use a piece of land for financial gain or because “you” want to? Most should be upset because of how the government pushed their way into our property and took it away to build such things as dams or even something like a park just so they could have MORE money.

2020 showed us how evil people can be, even within our own families. How quickly love can leave our hearts due to our selfishness and pride in ourselves. Hoarding, self-isolation, bullying, and such are all forms of hatred. The longer one lives, the harder the hearts of people will become. What used to be something not thought of is now becoming a reality in our backyards. Whether you are a believer in Christ/God or not, the Scripture is being made real each day. Seek God now while He can be found easily. Don’t wait till it’s too late.



Deaths:  Brenda Lewelling and Louise Woodruff


Born:  Scarlett


Death:  William Patty


Born:  Millie


Marriage:  Justin & Hannah Bowman Marshall


Marriage:  CJ & Rebecca Plitt O’Neil


Born:  Laila
Deaths:  Austin Best and Bonnie Lowe
Marriage:  Caleb & Katherine Troutt Burchfield


Deaths: Zula Michaud, Bethaney Butler


Deaths:  Cavan Grist, John O’Neil, and Edna Murphy


Deaths:  Darrell Myers and DL Burchfield

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