2021 (MMXXI)

Here we are looking back on another year that seems to have just begun a few weeks ago. As usual, time stops for no one and it seems as if it gets faster and faster.

Empty shelves at Aldi

The world is getting worse and worse as the days go. This shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone as it’s been foretold in the scriptures. A great falling away to which my personal opinion was made clear with the beginning of the COVID pandemic. I feel as if God is cleaning the house and those that were not of His faith in full have not returned to worship. These people will give any excuse at this point to not be with other followers. They go about their daily lives but choose to shun not only their families but others attending church. It is truly a sad situation but all the while an exciting one, for we know these things must take place for Christ’s return. You better be ready!

As mentioned before, COVID is still around but it has a new name, Omicron. It hasn’t gone anywhere and the authorities still are changing their statements each month about how to protect yourself from it. The vaccine or jab is still here but now we are up to boosters. No one wants to talk about the side effects of these guinea pig trials and some want to say it’s our saving grace. Many of the side effects that we personally know have been female sterilization, horrible effects of clots (heart attacks, strokes, etc.), Myocarditis, and even death. Just the same as last time, if one dies during this time more than likely you’ll be marked as a COVID death. The bulling continues as well but now it’s with the jab. Their stance is without the vaccine, you will die or kill someone else. So here is the part that makes a lot of people scratch their heads. It was announced in December of 2021 that YES, fully jabbed people transmit, and YES they also can contract it, and YES they must also wear their mask, and YES they can also die. So it begs the question…. what’s the difference? It really makes these so-called conspiracy people look smarter than scientists. Oh! Did I mention the flu came back this year after taking a year-long vacation? Sure did, an odd thing though, it’s just flu-A that’s come back.

I spent a lot of time updating Google Maps, Waze, and Find A Grave to reflect the forgotten or hidden cemeteries. Most of these cemeteries are family plots that only contain a few loved ones. Some contain one while others might have twenty or more buried. My hope is with these beings marked more clearly others will take the initiative to visit and clean up these plots. Most are overgrown and have been long gone and forgotten. Large trees and a huge amount of overgrowth have swallowed them up.


Let’s look back on what happened in our home. We had COVID, spent time with some dear friends Doc & Martha, went shopping in barren stores, got the Jeep dirty, Coy got glasses, discovered Coy is allergic to Tennessee, spent more time with other dear friends, mom had major back surgery, both parents retired, and got through another year without going too crazy.


We had to say goodbye to several this year. Some expected while others still leave us in shock. 

Bradley Long '94

Bradley Long ’94

Brad Long, not only was a friend but was a cousin. I remember him well during our school days and was often called, “Papaw”. You just had to know him.

Jo Ann Sweet, beautiful soul. I first met Jo Ann while attending church at Green Meadow Church of God. This was back in the earlier ’90s while roading for Disciple. Her husband pastored there. She was such a Godly woman and wasn’t afraid to love.

Donna Long is Brad’s mother. Donna was always sweet and never met a stranger. Always smiling unless Brad made her mad. 😉

Shirley Anderson was a hoot! We attended church together for several years and there was never a doubt of where she is today. 

Aileen Lester was “Granny” to us. Granny to our dear friends she was a devoted Christian. She had lost her lower arm at an early age from a train. She lived her life as if she had four hands and by herself for most of her life. What an example!

Ronnie Day, another great man that loved the Lord and preached Him up till his death. He was always into some sort of mischief. He enjoyed picking on me and I enjoyed picking on him. His last message, “Shake It Off” and let God’s will be done.

David Johnson ’20

David Johnson or as we referred to him as Mr. Johnson. He was my principal while at Rush Strong for two years. I always remember him having a smile, I don’t think he ever took it off. A caring loving man that not only loved God but lived God. There will never be another man as great as this man.

We attended church with Charlotte Roddy. She loved the Lord with all her heart and made sure you knew it. She was also our neighbor. She wasn’t afraid to tell you what she thought so you better be ready when she started to tell you. Also, a beautiful soul.




Note Worthy Events

Let’s give you the rundown of some of the events that happened this year.


  • With the Washington Monument in the background, people attended a rally in support of President Donald Trump near the White House, in Washington. © Associated Press

    Trump supporters stormed the White House to show their disapproval of the botched election. Five people died during this event. They also blamed Trump for this act saying that he provoked it in his speech. He did not.

  • Joe Biden was placed as President of the United States.
  • Not only did the cases of COVID exceed 100 million worldwide but the vaccine was also administered to over 100 million.


  • Biden announces the US will stop providing weapons to the Saudis and UAE.
  • The WHO investigates the COVID outbreak in China and quietly declares no fault to them and states it was a “natural reservoir” with bats that started it.
  • We landed a rover and helicopter (drone) on Mars (still no sign of life).
  • The US becomes the first country to pass 500,000 deaths from COVID (remember what you read above).
  • Healthcare workers in Ghana get 600,000 doses of the jab.
  • Global deaths from COVID pass 2.5 million.


  • Global jabs exceed 500 million.


  • Japan’s government thinks it’s a great idea to dump radioactive water from their power plant into the Pacific Ocean over the course of 30 years. This was also fully supported by the IAEA. I mean, what could possibly go wrong and the US is worried about cow farts.
  • Janssen jab is paused due to causing clots.
  • The global death toll of COVID is now past 3 million.
  • The drone finally flies on Mars (still no signs of life).
  • India reports 315,000 COVID cases with 24 hours. This is the highest single-day case worldwide. (hum…)
  • World leaders mark Earth Day by hosting a virtual summit on climate change, during which more ambitious targets for greenhouse gas emission reductions are proposed, including a 40% cut by 2030 for the United States. (Remember the radioactive water earlier in April?)
  • The jab has been given to over 1 billion people. Half of them have only been given in three countries, the US, China, and India. 
  • The worldwide cases for COVID are now over 150 million.


  • The WHO gives the emergency okay to another type of COVID jab.


  • The WHO gives the emergency okay to another type of COVID jab.
  • Juno passed Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede. This was the first flyby of the moon in over 20 years.
  • A jab company announces it has a 90.4% efficacy in its Phase 3 US & Mexico trials.
  • Brazil now becomes the second country to pass half a million deaths from COVID.
  • Jabs given worldwide now surpass 3 billion.


  • The number of deaths from COVID now exceeds 4 million.
  • Blue Origin conducts its first successful human test flight into space with four crew members.
  • The first direct observation of light from behind a black hole is reported, confirming Einstein’s theory of general relativity.


  • Confirmed cases of COVID passes 200 million.
  • The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change releases the first part of its Sixth Assessment Report, which concludes that the effects of human-caused climate change are now “widespread, rapid, and intensifying”.
  • Biden decides to pull the troops in Afghanistan leaving them without hope. Left behind, A total of 73 aircraft, nearly 100 vehicles and other equipment were abandoned by US troops. 
      • 43 MD-530s, provided by the US
      • 23 A-29s (A-29 has been quoted as more than $10m)
      • 70 mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles (MRAPs) (The cost of a single MRAP has been quoted as $500,000-$1m.)
      • 27 Humvee all-terrain military vehicles
      • An unspecified quantity of counter-rocket and artillery defense systems equipment
    • It’s impossible to establish a specific number, most of the 167 aircraft, including 33 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters, under the control of the Afghan armed forces at the end of June, are now thought to be in Taliban hands.
    • The US also provided more than 2,500 Humvees, from December 2017 to April 2020, according to the US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction. Specific costs may vary – but the unit price has been quoted as more than $250,000.
    • Other equipment experts say could be of huge tactical value to the Taliban include night-vision goggles,16,000 of which were provided to Afghan troops between 2003 and 2021.


  • SpaceX launches Inspiration4 making it the first all-civilian spaceflight. It carried a four-person crew on a three-day orbit of Earth.


  • The WHO endorses the first malaria jab.


  • COVID deaths now exceed 5 million.
  • The WHO gives another jab company the okay.
  • Russia blows up a retired satellite using its anti-satellite weapon causing a large amount of space debris that threatens the ISS.
  • NASA launches its DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test). It’s the first attempt to deflect an asteroid for the purpose of learning how to protect Earth.
  • The UK becomes the fourth country to pass 10 million COVID causes.
  • The WHO comes together in a meeting to discuss the “highly mutated” version of COVID-19. It is feared to be worse than ever before!


  • The US becomes the first country to pass 50 million COVID cases.
  • A truck crashes in Mexico while trying to smuggle 180 migrants into the US killing 55 of them.
  • Russia becomes the fifth country to pass 10 million COVID cases.
  • The WHO gives another listing to another jab.
  • NASA, ESA, the Canadian Space Agency, and the Space Telescope Science Institute launch the James Webb Space Telescope, the successor of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Famous Deaths


Siegfried Fischbacher

Joanne Rogers

Peter Mark Richman

Phil Spector

Jimmie Rodgers

Hal Holbrook

Larry King

Bruce Kirby

Cloris Leachman

Cicely Tyson


Dustin Diamond

Millie Hughes-Fulford

Christopher Plummer

Mary Wilson

Prince Markie Dee

Carmelo Domenic Licciardello

Rush Limbaugh


Yaphet Kotto

George Segal

Houston Tumlin

Jessica Walter

Beverly Cleary

Larry McMurtry


John Paragon

Walter Olkewicz

Prince Philip


Charles Geschke

Felix Silla

Walter Mondale

Jim Steinman

Les McKeown

Michael Collins

Greg “Shock G” Jacobs


Olympia Dukakis

Lloyd Price

Norman Lloyd

Charles Grodin

John Davis

Eric Carle

Gavin MacLeod

B.J. Thomas


Ned Beatty

John McAfee

Donald Rumsfeld

Johnny Solinger


Sanford Clark

Richard Donner

Charlie Robinson

Biz Markie

Joey Jordison

Ron Popeil

Thea White

Dusty Hill


Markie Post

Carolyn S. Shoemaker

Tom T. Hall

Don Everly

Charlie Watts

Ed Asner

Ron Bushy

Michael Constantine


Art Metrano

Antony Hewish

Gavan O’Herlihy

Norm Macdonald

Jay Sandrich

Alan Lancaster


Cynthia Harris

Betty Lynn

Colin Powell

Peter Scolari

Jay Black

James Michael Tyler


Ronnie Wilson

Dean Stockwell

Stephen Sondheim

Dave Frishberg

Virgil Abloh

Art LaFleur

Eddie Mekka

Arlene Dahl

David Gulpilil

Marcus Lamb


Skilyr Hicks

Michael Nesmith

Anne Rice

Ken Kragen

Leonard “Hub” Hubbard

Sally Ann Howes

Wanda Young

Harvey Evans

Betty White

Family Records for 2021

(it may look like a lot of deaths but I included ALL deaths for the year)


Deaths:  Bradley Long, Charles Sparks, Joe Bradley, William Murphy, and Marilyn Murphy


Deaths:  Barbara Headrick, Misty Carpenter, Harold Best, Mickey Long, Jo Davis, and Albert Myers


Deaths:  Nellie Clark, Brian Beaty, Samuel Wagner, Charles Compton, Evelyn Blair, and Donna Morton
Marriage:  Matthew & Bridget Branham Ryan


Deaths:  Lisa Campana, Wannel Boring, Mark Ledbetter, David Burchfield, Charles Crisp, James Fair, Beulah Sweet, and JoAnne Carpenter


Born:  Elora
Deaths:  Michael Dolinger, Etta McCaulley, Delorse Abbott, David Justus, Bennie Young, Jack Huffstetler, William Bryant, Estelle Alexander, Shirley Goforth, Joyce Robinson, Hazel Crowder, and Mary Crisp


Death:  Audine Boring and Robert Sparks
Marriages:  Steve & Melissa Cagle Duncan and Jared & Allie Mason Douglas


Death:  Joanie Boring
Marriage:  Ernest & Amy Freeman England


Born: Layla
Marriage:  Adam & Allison Fowler Self
Death: Aileen Stallans, Isaac Everly, and Rance Millsaps


Deaths:  Gloria Myers, Clellena Shuler, Herman Boring, Spencer McClurg, Edwina Carpenter, and James Harmon


Deaths: Clifford Tipton, Peggy Huffstetler, and Shirley Miles
Marriage: Dakota & Bennett Crowder


Deaths:  Charles Beasley, Donna Raulston, and Floyd Howard


Born:  Aria, Lexie, and Banks
Deaths:  Melanie Wade, Ronald Day Sr., Doris Johnson, Carol Shuler, Drew Chambers, Terry Gardner, Michael Roddy, David Johnson, Harry Burchfield, and Charlotte


Wikipedia 2021

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