Boy Named Sue

Sue Kerr HicksSo upon working on my tree I discovered someone just sitting on one of the branches. When I first discovered him through the marriage of a Bradley I thought, “what an odd name for a guy”. As odd as it was I never put two and two together about this oddly named male. At the time the bio was not included within the Find-a-Grave memorial, only his marker, and DOB & DOD. I’ve since updated our tree to show exactly who this “Boy Named Sue” person is. He is my great-great-great uncle’s son-in-law.

Just a brief history on Sue Kerr Hicks, he was named after his mother Susan who died shortly after giving birth to him. She was 45 years old and still having children!




It is an irony of fate that I have tried over 800 murder cases and thousands of others, but the most publicity has been from the name ‘Sue’ and from the evolution trial. … I was named Sue for my mother, who died after childbirth.

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